Arts on the Green

Arts on the Green presented by Trustmark

Imagine an expansive green space with artists offering children hands-on learning of time-honored crafts, exposure to distinct cultures from around the world, and games unlike any they have ever played. Welcome to St. Andrew’s Arts on the Green, where Mississippians celebrate the many customs and traditions of global ancestry.

Arts on the Green is a family-friendly event open to everyone, not just St. Andrew’s families. It is full of fun activities that will be held on St. Andrew’s Ridgeland campus on April 22. In addition to artist exhibits and live music, attendees will be able to explore a children’s green, seek treasures in a fantastic auction, see their planet from the inside-out in the Earth Balloon, attend a student-led fashion show featuring recycled and reusable materials, relax at a post-fashion show party, and so much more.

St. Andrew’s mission is “To nurture a diverse community in the Episcopal tradition, fostering spiritual growth, moral responsibility, academic excellence, and artistic and athletic pursuits, while preparing for a life of service to our community and the world.” As we empower students to discover and develop their passions, we also teach them the importance of making a difference both locally and globally.

We hope you can join us to “travel the world in our backyard” at Arts on the Green. We guarantee you will have an exceptional experience thanks to the school’s fantastic students and devoted parents who help put together this one-of-a-kind event for the state of Mississippi.

Please learn more about the auction here

Please learn more about the artisans’ village here

Tickets will be available March 21, 2017

Starry Night
Starry Night, which will be held on April 21st at 7 p.m. will take place at St. Andrew’s new, state-of-the-art Early Childhood Learning Center on its Lower School Campus in Fondren. Inspired by the building’s ultra-modern design, floor to near ceiling windows, and seamless indoor and outdoor spaces, Starry Night’s theme will flow elegantly through the expansive classrooms and common areas under a canopy of twinkling lights.

The Children’s Green
The Children’s Green highlights the St. Andrew’s global studies program, particularly the countries where we participate in student exchange programs. In addition, this year the event will feature several environmental themes, since the event falls on Earth Day!

The Children’s Green, themed “Travel the World in Our Backyard”, will feature three primary areas: Open Play, The Global Earth Village, and The Performance Stage.

Artisan’s Village
Each year, Arts on the Green showcases some of Mississippi’s most creative artists and craftspeople in its Artisans’ Village. The Artisans’ Village is an interactive experience where visitors get to know participating artists and can become collectors of their work. Onsite, artisans will be displaying and discussing their creations with guests at their tents, in the Commons area, and along outdoor sidewalks. Artisans this year include potters, painters, jewelry makers, and masters of the culinary arts.

The Artisans’ Village will be open for the duration of Arts on the Green: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, April 22. There are still open spots for artists and craftspeople, and interested artisans should visit to fill out an application or email Michelle Lewis, chair of the Artisans’ Village, at with any questions.

Saturday Studio
Saturday Studio will be held on the Ridgeland Campus from 8:00-9:30 a.m. on April 22. Saturday Studio will feature classes taught by local artists and artisans for children aged 3 to 13. This event will be open to students from any school, and all classes are $50.

Little Green Dress Fashion Show and After Party
The “Be Fabulous… Be GREEN” Little Green Dress Fashion Show at Arts on the Green allows the St. Andrew’s Environmental Club members and art students to showcase their creations alongside the clothing and accessories sold by upscale Jackson metropolitan area retailers. Students create one-of-a-kind pieces using sustainable recycled materials and found treasures. The “green” fashions flow gracefully down the runway with the boutique fashions, to create a truly memorable event for all.

We Walk
Adding “We Walk” to the school day has been a fun addition to St. Andrew’s community outreach that the lower school kids and families really look forward to each year. First through fourth graders will participate in this quarter to half-mile optional walk to the lower school planned for the Friday before Arts on the Green. National Walk to School movements are designed to be a vibrant start to the school day, which increases healthy activity and community awareness, while decreasing carpool congestion, pollution and city traffic. Additionally, pedestrian cities with safe walkways have been shown to have better health and socioeconomic markers including volunteerism, property value and community engagement.

Walk to School efforts rely on the support of civic leaders and district fire and police to help protect and support children and parents in their healthy endeavors. It also allows these civic leaders a great way to connect with community members in a positive way. St. Andrew’s community partner school, Brown Elementary, already benefits from a Safe Routes to School design. “We Walk” hopes to demonstrate solidarity with partner schools, encouraging community leaders to invest in complete pathways for students while providing a walk/bike blueprint for other interested area schools.

Community Outreach
The St. Andrew’s mission statement includes the provision to prepare students for a “life of service to our community and the world,” and the community collaboration component of Arts on the Green is a perfect example of how that aspiration can become reality. One of the goals of Arts on The Green is to embrace, celebrate, and include the larger Jackson area in the event. Additionally, SAPA invites students from St. Andrew’s partner schools in the Jackson Public School system, Brown Elementary and Boyd Elementary, to Arts on the Green and shares the Earth Balloon with those schools, so that all their students can benefit from its educational potential. St. Andrew’s considers service partnerships to be mutually beneficial considering the student interaction, the friendships forged, and the importance of developing a service initiative in any child.

This year, St. Andrew’s will also continue with the Arts on the Green shirt match; a portion of every Arts on the Green t-shirt purchase will go to buy a new uniform shirt for a Brown Elementary student. Last year, St. Andrew’s donated 480 new uniform shirts to the students at Brown.